Elephant Ambulance


The Cause

The Gray Event & Thai District are honored to host this fundraiser for Sangdeaun Lek Chailert founder of Elephant Nature Park. The Elephant Nature Park was founded by Lek in 1990s as a sanctuary and rescue center for abused Asian elephants. Who have for decades suffered abused from the logging industry trekking camps ,street begging circus shows and more. Elephant Nature Park is a leading and worldwide recognized for advocating for the welfare of Asian elephants. Bringing social consciousness for ethical tourism and the true care of these majestic souls.

Our quest speaker is Lek Chailert , sharing the progress and needs of ENP today to further ENPs mission. Lek was honored with the Heroes of Global Conservation by Hillary Clinton in 2010. Time magazine named Lek as one of Asia’s Heroes in her conservatives work. Ford Foundation recognized her with Hero of the Planet in 2001. Humane Society US in 2003 with Genesis Award.
Documentaries include:

  • Love and Bananas
  • National Geographic
  • Discovery
  • BBC
  • Animal Planet, and more .

Lek is internationally known and loved .
Please join us to give her a warm welcome to support the amazing work that she and her team from Elephant Nature Park are doing.


are limited

All proceeds will go to ENP Elephant Rescue Ambulance.

This top of the line ambulance will allow a safer rescue. Water sources to prevent dehydration, food storage bin , medical storage ,sleeping area for rescue team.

The Elephant Nature Park rescues elephants in the most need , sickest and oldest from horrific circumstances. ENP helps these majestic beings live out the rest of there life with love and dignity.
With this rescue ambulance ENP will be able to save more elephant lives.

Purpose:To Help Raise Fund To Buy Elephant Ambulance/Rescue Truck
When:Monday, April 15, 2019 at 6 PM
Where:The Solarium at Lafayette Bldg. Long Beach, California 140 Linden Ave, Long Beach, California 90802